Frequently Asked Questions about working with a Virtual Office Assistance and choosing Beck & Call


Here we provide Tips and Answers to questions you may have about using this service and working with Beck & Call.  You can scroll down to see all the questions and answers below or click on the list of questions which opens a new page to individual answers:


  1. What is a Virtual PA (Virtual Personal Assistant, VPA)? 
  2. How will using a VPA benefit me?
  3. Why should I choose Beck & Call?
  4. Working with a Virtual PA - What you need to know in advance?
  5. Why do I need this service?
  6. How can I use this service?
  7. How can I pay for this service if its virtual?
  8. How can you offer so many services?


1. What is a Virtual PA (Virtual Personal Assistant)?

  • A Virtual Personal Assistant is a professional PA or Executive Assistant who provides a range of business support services and functions for clients, usually done remotely or off-site from the client’s premises.  However, these services can also be performed on-site.  The VA usually comes from an administrative background with several years experience at an executive level.  The work can be done on an ad hoc or ongoing basis.  Click this link to find out the types of services that can are offered.


2. How will using a VA benefit me?

  • Using a VA is more cost effective than employing staff, because when you recruit employees you pay for many hidden costs (click this link to find out more).  Using a VA saves you at least 30% of this cost, as you only pay for the actual time worked on your project, plus being fast and efficient, VA services saves you time and money.


3. Why should I choose Beck & Call?

  • EXPERIENCE: as a team, we have almost 40 years combined PA experience from various industries;
  • EXCLUSIVITY: We have North American experience, the birth place of VA services; plus we offer a wider range of services.
  • SERVICE: We are more than a VA service, we provide all aspects of business support services including a comprehensive range of marketing, accounts management and lifestyle management services.
  • QUALITY: We have put in place all measures to ensure that you are receiving a top-notch service.


4. Working with a Virtual PA – What you need to ask in advance

  • How long have you been in business?

Beck & Call has been in business for 6 years in the UK, prior to which we operated a similar business in Canada.  We have now re-established an office in Canada. Therefore we have over a total of 12 years experience in the industry. 

  • What type of PA experience do you have?

Linda Humphries, director, has 23+ years experience.  Her background includes working with various industries, government, legal, accountancy, insurance, networking group and the media. Our other team members have between 5 to 10 years PA experience.

  • How does the process work?

Prior to signing an agreement, we offer you a 1-hour free consultation in person (if local) or on the phone.  We listen carefully to your requirements and offer some  suggestions.  When you have decided what services suits you best, we then send you an agreement for signature, along with our Terms & Conditions.  We work on a Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) basis, which means you purchase the number of hours that you require.  A deposit is usually required prior to start of work.

  • Can you provide references and CVs for our review?

Yes, we have CVs available to send to you upon request.  Our references are listed under our Referrals page (or click here).  Feel free to contact them.  If you require more references these are also available upon your requests. 


5.  Why do I need this service?

For 4 important reasons:

  • The services are especially designed for busy professionals who would like to find more time to spend with family, friends and fun. We create leisure time for you.
  • You need to spend your working time in business development not doing admin jobs. We handle these jobs at a fraction of your costs.
  • Outsourcing is 30% cheaper than employment and over 50% cheaper doing these tasks yourself.
  • We save you time and money, plus we’re hassle free.


6. How can I use this service?

     There are 3 ways you can use this service

  • As a one-off
  • Hourly rate (ad-hoc or on-going)
  • Monthly retainer (cheaper option)


7. How can I pay for this service if its virtual?

     There are 3 ways you can pay for this service

  • By Credit/Debit card, via PayPal, payable to: (our email address)
  • Cheque payable to Beck & Call UK - sent to our Offices (more…)
  • Online bank payment (BACS) to our bank account (more…)


8. How can you offer so many services

  • All our associates are highly trained and experienced professionals.
  • We utilize various suppliers to bring you top notch service through this one source.
  • No running around finding the service you need, leave it to us to fulfill all your requirements.




















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